Pureflow’s life sciences division provides equipment, services and support to meet the critical needs of our customers. Our water systems keep research going in every stage of innovation. We provide high purity water solutions to companies involved in cutting-edge research, development and manufacturing of life-saving treatment products.

High Purity Solutions Optimized For:

Designed to Deliver to Your Specifications

Critical laboratory applications; testing that requires minimal interference and maximum precision and accuracy


16-18 Mohms

Bacteria: < 10 cfu

General laboratory testing, reagents, microbiology systems and other key lab applications


> 10 Mohms

Bacteria: NA

General washing and feed water to polishing DI systems; can be used as a central feed source or an individual point of use


5-10 microsiemens

The Right Size for The Job

Pureflow can provide compact portable exchange deionization systems feeding a single point of use to meet a variety of laboratory grade quality requirements. In addition, Pureflow sales and supports service on Elga systems.

Pureflow offers a line of RO-DI systems in a wide range of throughput capacities to support both small and large scale applications.

Pureflow’s Central Systems can feed large quantities of use points and a variety of equipment that requires continuous access to high purity water designed to meet your specifications.