Serving Diverse Commercial & Industrial Water Purification Needs

Trusted by high purity water professionals everywhere

Pureflow is an industry-recognized leader in the commercial and industrial high purity water field. We design, build, install and maintain systems that are optimized for a variety of markets.

Each system is designed to meet your unique industry specifications. Contact Pureflow and we will provide an ideal solution for your specific high purity water needs.

The Markets We Serve

Pulp & Paper

Pureflow services pulp & paper mills that use high volumes of water for steam generation and condensate make-up return. Mills partner with Pureflow to provide quality equipment and expert guidance when tackling system upgrades as well as maintaining the functionality of existing equipment. The service team at Pureflow ensures that water production goals are met in a safe and timely way.

pulp and paper mills water purification


Traditional power plants go through huge amounts of high purity water to make up water lost for steam makeup on condensate returns. Pureflow provides plants with mobile water treatment solutions, new systems, as well as services for existing systems. Our fleet of mobile trailers with equipment ranging from filter pods, reverse osmosis systems, electrodeionization banks, and deionization vessels are ready to supplement water makeup capacity during peak season, fluctuations in water quality, commissioning tests, blowdowns, and during emergencies.

Life Sciences

Pureflow’s Life Sciences division keeps the critical needs of our customers paramount. Concerns such as bio-fouling, contamination, flow, and volume are mitigated by our quality workmanship and superior service. Pureflow’s water systems keep the research going at every stage of life science innovation providing high purity water solutions to researchers involved at the inception of cutting-edge research through to the development, manufacture, and administration of life-saving treatment. Our solutions are optimized for hospital and university research centers, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and various other Life Science markets.


The semiconductor industry uses the highest level of high purity water attainable. Products in cleanroom environments are highly sensitive and are submitted to thorough rinse cycles. Keeping the water at the required specification requires well-designed systems operating at high flows and incorporating significant multi-stage polishing. Pureflow has serviced leading smartphone chip customers for many years and is trusted to achieve and maintain that high level of purity to protect the production standards.

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry has trusted Pureflow for many years to provide the highest quality products and uncompromising service. Sampling of our partners include water bottlers, carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, crop irrigation, food packaging, meat and poultry processing, and dairy plants. Leaders of the food & beverage industry trust Pureflow’s solutions in critical FDA regulated applications. Our repeated successes have earned us a reputation in the industry of excellence, quality, and responsiveness.


Industrial sites use process water in many ways. Pureflow provides softeners, carbon, multimedia, filtration, reverse osmosis, pumps, heat exchangers, instrumentation, piping and storage, etc. in industrial settings. Automotive, advanced manufacturing, energy, defense and steel, are just a brief sampling of our industrial market.